World Pharmacists Day 2022: Role of Pharmacists on World Pharmacist Day

Every year on September 25, people celebrate World Pharmacists Day to honour pharmacists for their contributions to improving world health

World Pharmacists Day 2022: Role of Pharmacists on World Pharmacist Day. Pharmacy council of india has always been encouraging the all State Pharmacy Councils, Pharmacy Institutions, Pharmacy professional organizations and all Pharmacy professionals to plan and implement events and activities to promote and advocate for the role of the pharmacist in improving health

Every year on September 25, people celebrate World Pharmacists Day to honour pharmacists for their contributions to improving world health. The annual Pharmacists Day seeks to support initiatives that advocate for and promote the contribution of pharmacists to global health improvement. The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) chose the phrase “Pharmacy: Always trusted for your health” as its theme for this year. The theme was chosen to emphasise the value of trust in medical care and pharmacy practise in a variety of clinical settings.

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As you are aware, every year on September 25th, people around the world celebrate Pharmacists Day. This is a day to honor and celebrate all pharmacy professionals for their vital contributions to the advancement of global health outcomes. Since pharmacists perform unseen work in the background, it is important to acknowledge and appreciate their significant contributions to society. In order to raise awareness about the crucial role that pharmacists play in the healthcare delivery system, the PCI has decided to observe “Pharmacists Day” on September 25, 2022. The 37ae EC of the PCI voted to observe the day with the theme “Pharmacist United in Action for a Healthier World” on September 14, 2022.”.

in every corner of India. Promotional campaigns connecting to media and most notably interaction with patients and the public are key ways in which we can make the best use of “Pharmacists Day” for benefit to both the profession and the society.

To mark the occasion, some of the activities that can be undertaken by the stakeholders on World Pharmacists Day 2022 :

To conduct rallies with banner on the above theme throughout India.

To display boards and hoardings at prominent places.

To organize blood donation camps and health screening camps.

To sensitize the public regarding role of Pharmacists in Health Sector through Social Media and other platforms.

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To conduct awareness programmes regarding common diseases, treatment, precautionary measures, patient Counseling etc.

To conduct Logo and Slogan competitions.

To organize Tree plantation Campaigns.

Why is World Pharmacist Day observed annually?

On September 25, we observe World Pharmacist Day to raise awareness of and appreciation for the contribution that pharmacists make to global health. Additionally, this day raised awareness of the significance and function of a pharmacist.

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Theme and the day’s history:

On September 25, pharmacies around the world celebrate pharmacist day. Pharmacists observe World Pharmacists Day to demonstrate their dedication to planning events that advocate for and promote the role of the pharmacist in advancing global health.

Students and the general public alike are curious as to why September 25 is designated as Pharmacist Day. On September 25, 1912, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), the world’s confederation of national associations of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, was established. In 2009, the FIP Council in Istanbul, Turkey, proposed that September 25 be observed as Pharmacist Day because it was on this date that FIP was founded. Thus, September 25 is designated as World Pharmacist Day.

Expectations for World Pharmacist Day

The goals of World Pharmacist Day on September 25 should be known by everyone on the earth, particularly students. The main goal is to enhance patient healthcare through the efficient use of medicinal items. enhancing the role of pharmacists within the medical community.

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Federation of International Pharmacies (FIP)

A global organization that represents pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and pharmaceutical education is the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). Millions of pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists, and pharmaceutical educators around the world are represented by a total of 144 national organizations, academic institutions members, and individual members. The Netherlands is home to FIP’s headquarters

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