SKUAST Kashmir Medical Assistant Syllabus, Download PDF

SKUAST Kashmir Medical Assistant Syllabus, Download PDF

SKUAST Kashmir Medical Assistant Syllabus: Syllabus for the post As approved by competent authority, the syllabus for different non-teaching posts advertised vide Advertisement Notification No. of 03 of 2022 dated 01.08.2022, is attached herewith for conducting OMR based written Examination for various Non-Teaching positions.

SKUAST Kashmir (Medical Assistant) Syllabus

1) Basic Reasoning = 10 Marks

  • Analogies
    • Relationship concepts
    • Figure odd one out
    • Number series

2) Basic English = 10 Marks

  • Articles
    • Synonyms/Antonyms
    • Verbs
    • Spellings

3) General Awareness = 10 Marks

  • General current events (National Level)
    • Sports
    • India culture
    • Capital/State
    • J&K Reorganization Act,2019

4) Subject Matter = 70 marks

Anatomy and Physiology, Public Health & Hygiene, Diseases• The Tissues • Systems and various parts of Human Body • Bones of Head and Trunk • Bones of the limb • Joints and Articulations • Structure and action of Muscles. • The Chief Muscles of the Body • The Blood • The Heart and Blood vessels • The Circulatory System • The Lymphatic System • The Respiratory System • The Digestive System • The Liver, Biliary System and Pancreas • Public Health and Hygiene: • Modern concept of public health and comprehensive health care.

Basic Medical Information Drugs & Antibiotics, their preparation & uses• Kinds of drugs, characteristics of drugs, Balsems, Gums etc. How prescriptions are written, prescription reading • Doses of drugs, pharmacoepial preparation and their doses, incompatibility, physical, chemical physiological and therapeutical. • Suppositories• Ointments, Spray solutions or Nebulas, Inhalations, General rule about preparation of Mixtures. • Ordinary bazaar medicines, their recognition, doses and uses.

Stores Records & Procedures, First –AID & Home Nursing: Health Education including different types of Bandages, Emergency Health Care Services, Sterilization process & Disinfection procedures.

Outline of the First –Aid • Dressing and Bandages (Use of Triangular Bandages and Cotton Roller Bandage, Rubber Bandage and different types of Dressing. • Cardio- pulmonary resusciration. • Wounds. • Haemorrhage. • Shock • Electric Stock • Different methods of artificial respiration • Asphyxia • Fractures and Dislocation • Unconsciousness and Fainting • Epilepsy and Hysteria • Poisons including food poisoning o Common Conditions: 



Bites and Stings 




Snake Bite 


 Dog Bite • Transport of injured persons o Use of Common medicines.

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