SKIMS Highest Number of Cancer Cases Recorded in 3 Months of 2022,Check here Details

SRINAGAR: In a state of shock, Kashmir Higher Education Hospital – Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Science (SKIMS) Soura has recorded more than 1100 cancer cases in the first half of next year SKIMS Highest Number of Cancer Cases.

Cancer is a disease in which some of the body’s cells grow uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body.

Medical experts at the Institute’s Radiation Oncology agree that the incidence of cancer has increased dramatically in Kashmir and added that for men, lung cancer is the most common, and women are the most prone to developing breast cancer. Doctors at the center have called rising cancer levels “a cause for great concern SKIMS Highest Number of Cancer Cases.

Statistics show that compared to last year’s total of 4800 patients, SKIMS Soura diagnosed 1110 cancer cases in the first three months (Jan 1 to March 31) of 2022, the highest rate in recent times.
Quoting Dr Fir Afroz, Head of Radiation Oncology at SKIMS KNO, he reports that in all cases, lung cancer is more prevalent in men and breast cancer is more prevalent in women.

He said smoking was one of the main causes of cancer in men. “Family history, obesity, age are some of the causes of cancer,” said Dr. Afroz.

However, he said one of the good things that happened in the village a few years ago was that people knew about the disease. “We have a lot of patients who come for treatment. “People are overcoming the fear of getting treatment that is a good sign,” said Dr. Afroz, adding that “early detection of the disease helps to provide timely treatment, which may ultimately save lives.”

According to Union Health Ministry figures, Jammu Kashmir reported an estimated 39041 cancer cases, of which 12675 were recorded in 2019, 13012 in 2020 and 13354 in 2021.

“Cancer is a multidisciplinary disease and the risk factors include, among other things, unhealthy lifestyle, use of tobacco products, unhealthy foods and air pollution. The number of people with cancer due to water and industrial pollution is not known, ”read a letter from the department.

Dr Afroz said a real increase in cancer cases could be found by the end of the year after comparing them to last year. “I urge patients with cancer symptoms to come forward because early treatment can prevent the spread of the disease and help save lives,” he said, adding that there are standard treatments available at the center as Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy are available. worried. “Infrastructure development is an ongoing process

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