Satyendar Jain put on oxygen support, admitted to LNJP: Aam Aadmi Party

NEW DELHI: Former Delhi minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Satyendar Jain has been put on oxygen support and admitted to Lok Nayak Hospital (LNJP) for further treatment, the party said.

Doctors at Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital (DDU), where he was shifted from Tihar earlier, said that Jain was brought to the hospital on Thursday morning after being referred by the Tihar medical team.

His X-ray and scans were conducted, and he was kept under observation till 10am, after which he was referred to Lok Nayak Hospital, as he complained of persistent pain in his back, shoulder, and knee, hospital officials said.

This development comes hours after Jain had suffered injuries to his back after he fell in the washroom of Tihar Jail number 4.

A statement issued by the AAP said that his condition was a result of a fall in the Tihar jail last year, which requires immediate spinal surgery.

“Satyendar Jain’s condition has deteriorated after a debilitating injury from a fall in the jail washroom, which resulted in a spinal injury leaving him in excruciating pain. The gravity of the situation demands immediate spinal surgery, as recommended by his attending doctors,” AAP statement read.

It added, “A closer examination of his medical condition reveals a troubling array of ailments. He suffers from acute lumbar pain, causing vertigo and chronic lower back pain due to a slipped disc. The pain radiates throughout his lower limbs, leaving him with a constant tingling sensation and decreased mobility.”

The party also claimed that an MRI conducted on May 3, showed “degeneration in all intervertebral discs”, with Jain’s doctors advising urgent spinal surgery and proper post-operative care.

“He has been placed as number 416 on a waiting list by jail authorities and is expected to be able to undergo the surgery only after five months,” the party said.

Apart from the impacts of his spinal injury, Jain apparently also suffers from sleep apnea and has lost nearly 35kgs over the last one year.

“He was later examined by the doctors there, where they found his vitals normal. He was further referred to DDU Hospital as he complained about pain in back, left leg and shoulder. According to the doctors there, his condition is stable, and he is out of danger,” he said.

Reacting on the development, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said he was praying for his health.

“God is watching all of this, he will do justice when time comes. I pray to God for Satyendar Ji’s speedy recovery. May God give him the strength to fight against these adverse circumstances”, Kejriwal shared on his official Twitter account.(Agencies)

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