Pharmacists in J&K are unable to Renew their Licenses for a year

Srinagar: Last year, pharmacists at J&K were unable to renew their licenses, making a state of affairs wherever most medical stores aren’t registered in UT. The new on-line licensing system, the Department of Drug Administration and Food (DFCO) has aforesaid, is within the final stages of renewal and can address the problems it faces.

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A team of pharmacists and medical store homeowners told larger geographic region that over the past year, their terminated licenses had not been revived. “We don’t have a license or registration.

Our papers area unit stuck and that we are running from one to the opposite however nothing, ”said a team member. He aforesaid though they’d all the wants to re-register however they might not begin a doctor’s search. “Previously we tend to thought the matter would be resolved in an exceedingly month.

But currently it has been a year, ”he said. Pharmacists say several of them have tried new applications however are able to continue Pharmacists in J&K.

Many pharmacists have aforesaid that they need been cutting a staggering variety or being penalized by drug testers once their licenses have terminated. “This could be a dangerous state of affairs,” he said.

Prior to 2017, registration and licensing were offline and created on-line that year. The software package, XLL, was employed by J&K DFCO to register and method different licensing necessities. In 2020, J&K DFCO adopted a brand new system suggested by the Central Drug Authority, the chief government aforesaid.

DFCO Deputy Director Irfana Ahmed aforesaid, the renewal of the license is in 3 steps and a part of the pharmacy data was antecedently offline or within the recent XLL software package. “We area unit operating exhausting to urge all this data in one place,” he said.

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A new forum was adopted throughout Bharat and initial problems were resolved. The new system are going to be saved rather than the update. “The license can last forever if the ultimate fee is paid,” he said.

He side that Drug Inspectors area unit awake to the matter and can not charge for the end of the license once the upkeep fee has been paid.

Tariq Masroor, United Nations agency oversees the net licensing program at DFCO, aforesaid the new web site would be prepared and updated at intervals per week. “Pharmacists shouldn’t worry. we tend to area unit at work, ”he said.

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