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Many children of our country go abroad to study and their parents also proudly send them there at great expense, even if they have to take loans. On the other hand, our high level government staff also go abroad on government expenses in the name of improving the administrative functioning, so that they can improve their functioning and play an effective role in the service of the country. Don’t know how many would have gone abroad for training till today, but have they taken training from their own country?Does the methodology reflect a professional approach similar to systems abroad? Similarly, our leaders also go abroad for ‘Study Tour’ i.e. ‘Study Tourism’. Sometimes they go to study a country’s education or its policy and sometimes to ‘study’ the sewer system. But it is a common thing for the common man to pass through stinking streams, everywhere in our place, the smell of overflowing sewer and the flies buzzing on it. In order to clean a sewer full of dangerous dirt and gases, a person often dies.It doesn’t go away. The question is, what is the use of ‘study tour’ abroad by spending lakhs and crores? It is a good thing that we should learn good things from others, whether it is a human being or a country. Sometimes for the education system, sometimes for improving urban planning, public transport systems and don’t know how many such systems foreign tours are done. But till date, has any transport system other than the metro been successful in our metropolitan cities? In developed countries, special care is taken for pedestrians. The days of accidents come to us. Children, old and young people all become victims. Is there any effective action plan on this yet? The education system of many countries is trumpeted that by looking at it, we will uplift the children of our country. Have these regulators ever thought that in homes where there is a struggle to make ends meet and the only attraction for the children is the mid-day meal, what happiness will the ‘happiness class’ included in their curriculum give to the children? If any emotion is imposed artificially, it cannot be effective for long., The studies done during the study tours of our high officials and leaders are all in vain if they are not implemented according to the conditions and circumstances of our country. They go abroad to study how children’s education and school buildings should be. Our school buildings have been made grand and ‘divine’, but the education is also world class. In some countries, the life of each and every citizen is precious for the governments there. Food adulteration is not allowed in most countries and if any If the adulterer is caught, there is a provision of severe punishment for him. But right from children’s milk to medicines, adulteration is done in our country. The poor innocent consumer unknowingly buys diseases for himself by paying the full price and the adulterants keep on getting rich. In the same way, artificial chemicals are added in the name of organic fertilizers in pulses and vegetables sold in the name of vegetables and pulses grown in a natural way. Vegetables are injected to increase their size. Same is the case with the food and drink of non-vegetarians is of objects. Fertilizer makes fake and adulterated milk, which is injurious to health. Profits multiply and consumers in the throes of disease. During festivals, sweets are often made from artificial mawa. Don’t know how many adulterated food items must have been used, which are not caught. Same is the case in the field of medicines. Do groups going on study tours make recommendations to the government on all these issues? Another such example is of animal lovers. Loving animals is a good thing.But nowadays man’s love for dogs is being seen in a different form. Many such cases keep coming to the fore, in which pet or stray dogs made people their victims. Sometimes dogs kill children and the elderly by scratching and biting them. Animals should be made safe for humans. Proper training is needed for its maintenance. But here on the complaint of the filth of dogs in our country, sometimes even murder takes place. In foreign countries, their owners pick up the dirt of their animals themselves.And put in the dustbin, but keep scattering in the common roads and parks here. So what is the use of such study tours, whose effect is not seen in our own country!

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