Opinion | ‘Man Proposes, God Disposes’

We have been believing in the Saying that ‘Man proposes God disposes’ from the onset of life but we hardly see people following it. Of course, man does propose a lot of things, plan them, map them out and then follow the path to achieve them but still he does not bear its fruit in the time that he desires. Man works relentlessly hard and sweats his soul out under the scorching sun to meet his set ambitions. But bearing less fruit or no fruit against that hardwork shrinks his hope and faith.

On the contrary, people with smartness and sharpness attain their goals quite easily. And it further adds to the dismalness of the above cited category of people to which they behold with a faith in “God is the best Planner” which indeed is the ultimate truth.
But why I write about this is because of the meek cries and agonies of those below average people  Who although, make it to meet their daily basic needs to sustain life but are unable to meet high end expenditures specifically, on  the medical needs. Nowadays, we usually come across fundraising pleas for people who are deprived of financial stability but ‘how long is it going to help them’ must be predominantly taken care of. People are dying because of being unable to treat the deadly diseases they are being held by. Do we think about how we can help it?. Do we care about easing off the struggles of those suffering families?
No, we don’t, because their stories add to our TRPs and their miseries expand the areas to operate for us.
My love and praise to the religion that I belong to is Islam which is the religion of love, kindness and generosity. Our prophets would not sleep until they would be sure about the wellness and unfinished stomachs. Those times with meagre sources and no digitalization and modern education there used to be public charitable treasuries (which we call Bait-ul-Maal) to help the needy without being exploited and exposed.
The wealthiest would donate out of their riches to the treasuries which would serve the needs of the needy and deserving unlike today’s times when we have scarce donors and philanthropists around us.
This reflects to man proposes and God disposes’ in a way that the smart workers without crucial efforts get abundantly beyond their desires, however, on the other hand the hard working underprivileged sector has to wait longer for the outcome, reason being that God is testing both the sections to check how wisely wealthy  is utilizing Allah’s resource to serve the His beautiful creation and simultaneously to check how patient and firm believers those underprivileged are to hold unto the belief in Allah’s plans..
– Wani is a writer, ‘philanthropist’ and author of the “Melancholic tales of a half orphan”.  She can be reached at refatsocialwork.gearr@gmail.com

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