Opinion | Introducing Uniform Academic Calendar – A Boon or Bane!

“It is a well thought-out move and I am sure It will benefit the students in the long-run”.
Introducing Uniform Academic Calendar has been almost at climax in UT of J&K with lot of expectations that it will bring the vulnerabilities at an ebb, but same has been perceiving by other sections of the society that it will reduce the complexities that a student faces in early winter season of Kashmir. Adoption of Uniform Calendar would not only enable the students from JK to compete with the students in the rest of the country for admission to top institutions but also save their valuable time. There are also mixed reactions but finally it came to the fore that it is beneficial/fruitful for the entire j&K to introduce UAC. The aim of the Uniform Academic calendar is to streamline the academic calendar in schools with the rest of the country. The Director School Education, Civil Society,Academic experts, intellectuals, etc, calls it a great achievement. It aimed to bridge the learning gaps this year. Education has suffered a lot due to frequent lockdowns, calls, strikes etc and other such situations. So it was the right time to introduce the UAC.
The J&K government announced the March Session for classes 1-9th in the UT. An order issued by SED Principal Secretary Alok Kumar read:-“Sanction is hereby accorded to the implementation of Uniform academic Calendar including conduct of annual examination In March-April session for classes upto the  9th standard in all government and recognised-private schools in Union Territory of J&K in accordance with NPE. Now the admission for new entrants shall commence from March session. It is stated that who appear in classes 10th and 11th examinations will be provisionally admitted in classes 11th and 12th respectively after the board examinations.Students who are declared Unsuccessful in the results will be permitted to continue their studies in classes 11th and 12th till the results of the annual or biannual,private examinations are declared.One thing is clear that students would get hefty of benefits in terms of preparation, time, and congenial atmosphere for appearing in the exams. Students appearing under the Nov. Sessions always blame shorter days, bone-chilling,dim light, severe cold,snow hiccups,transport hurdles etc, but they gleefully accept the new Academic calendar that provides ample opportunities to Students of the Valley to get admission in the top institutions of the country.
It is the responsibility of the intellectuals, Teachers, Academic Experts and well versed Scholars to appraise every nook and corner so that students don’t fall in the situation of ambiguity. Some stakeholders are of the opinion that they were not taken on board on such a serious and important exercise, but it is prima facie that governments decisions are always praiseworthy. As it appeals for the welfare of the students.
By adopting Uniform Academic Calendar focus should be now Improving the academic conditions in all the government schools. It can benefit a vast section of students particularly those belonging to poor families. Most of the parents send their wards to private schools, feeling that the standard of education and infrastructure in government schools is not good but at present the government schools have been doing good from couple of years by putting their efforts to earn the trust of the public by reshaping the whole complexion of shabby school buildings, construction of boundary walls, electrification in school buildings etc. The government schools produced students,who made their teachers proud and did significant work in different fields of life. The teachers in government schools must work with the same zeal and enthusiasm now. If they do so the education scene will change significantly. At any stage we can’t rule out the contribution that teachers have provided in the past in terms of lifting the educational sector. He is considered a torch bearer who can guide and show the right path to the next generation in order to build a strong nation. Under the Uniform Academic Calendar the biased nature of the public towards the adoption of UAC can only be understood by the positive nature of the nation builders. The welcoming scenes from every nook and corner were that teachers giving toffees, candies to new blooming buds in the month of march represents a mark of satisfaction. So the public should not think it a new burden on their wards but a panacea that provides plenty of benefits as well.
Teachers being nation builders have done commendable jobs in the past by showing their wards righteous path. They undoubtedly raised the standard of education in government schools with their high level of dedication and commitment. The examination pattern was done in 1984 but reversed in 1986,now this has been the litmus test for the government to adopt UAC. The government should have at least taken stakeholders on board before taking such a decision for the valley as some aggrieved parents opposed the decision.The number of working days 200 to 213 available now for classes X,XI and XII will now be reduced to 137 to150 days. They are of the opinion that Nov. Session could be helpful because when they complete their annual examination by the end of Nov-Dec. then after they get plenty of time to go out of the state till results come, they visit the historical places, monuments, forts, archeological sites to get the first hand information. They (Parents) we’re thoroughly discussing the pros and cons and they are worried whether this adoption of UAC will benefit our students or not. The present schedule of examination gives the students of Kashmir division ample time to prepare for national level teats. They pointed out another reason that students appearing for competitive exams will not get enough time now for the preparation because when their exams were conducted in Oct. Nov session they would utilize winters for preparations. They believe in the existing academic calendar rather than the new. Now the question arises who can take them out of this ambiguity, it is the responsibility of the intellectuals, teachers, scholars, academic experts to reach out to the people to understand them the pros and cons of Uniform Academic Calendar as most of the parents don’t know it’s implications as it becomes cumbersome for those at the helm of affairs. The students and teachers might find it difficult initially but they will get used to it later on.
– The writer teaches at BHS Diver Lolab. He can be reached at [email protected]

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