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“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots” – Albert Einstein

Cell phones nowadays have become an indispensable part of life. They are making our lives easy and convenient. They brought tremendous revolution in every sector aiming to save energy and time. They help us communicate with our loved ones and carry out our work efficiently. They also do the work of a computer calculator and cameras. But their excessive use became the cause of concern. By excessive use they create the problem of cervical and other physical problems. People are getting addicted more and more. Nobody cares about his or her health. Whether Young, adult or old. They wholly rely on the cell phone, be it getting the answer of the question, event, history, fact, and any other information which on one side is positive but full of negativities as well. No one can enjoy or live without mobile or cell phone, it becomes a part of life. If anyone is being asked about the harmful effects of excessive phone use, no one bothers about it. There are 3.8 billion in the world using cell phones and even the number is increasing day by day. There is an unnecessary rise of cell phones, especially the teens who don’t know the consequences of using mobile phones. It is pertinent to mention that rise in depression and suicides is correlated to cell phone addiction. The smart phone acts as an enjoyable and entertaining source. Teens who were addicted to their smartphones are more likely to experience mental stress and depression. We have witnessed more addiction of cell phones during the time of pandemic. People sit glued to their cell phones to pass the day, even some people were seen watching movies, documentaries, reels etc to pass the day. Others were playing dream11, browsing and chatting with their kiths and kins, meaning no one kept himself/herself away from this gadget. Education sector was the most hit during the pandemic times. Schools have started community classes, online classes, vedios, scripts through whatsApp Or YouTube etc to connect the students to their studies. Above all we can say that these things add jankie to the cell phones.
With the introduction of technology life in both rural and urban areas has improved a lot. But the question arises whether the cell phone is boon or bane. If a cell phone is used in proper manner then it is boon, And not properly used it will become the bane then. So excessive use of cell phones can damage the brain, listening problems and many more. The excessive use can make people dependent on such devices.
Mostly young and adult people are addicted to cell phones. The cell phone in your pocket has the power to disrupt daily activities if it is not used in the proper way. It can sometimes take the life of an individual. A gambler addicted to his cell phone may become restless or feel irritated while the connectivity of the cell phone is gone. The person who checks his phone frequently will be depressed if connectivity or usage is restricted. We must use the phone wisely. The addiction of cell phones creates a bad impact on the overall personality of an Individual.
We are living in the age of science and technology where most work is being done via smartphone in order to save energy and time, but on the other hand, using smartphones mostly can also affect  our vision. Our young generation are mostly connected with the internet to get the material, information, scripts, and so on and spending too much time on our devices is a sign of addiction. Phone addiction has a name nomophobia means the fear of being out of cell phone contact. With excessive use of cell phones people are getting more disconnected from the real world, they put their phones ahead of human interaction. You will hardly find people getting together near the shop or an area of meeting point, because they have been addicted or sit glued to their smartphone to watch either pictures or listen to music. In the previous time when there was news of anyone’s death in the society people thronged and took part in the funeral procession, but this trend has changed so that the same news has been uploaded on social networks to know the funeral time at an ease. So on one way it has tremendous benefits but on the other hand it distracts the people from their relatives, neighbors etc. The modern gadgets make us lazy And inactive but they are also harmful to our physical and mental well-being. Everywhere and every spot you see people are glued to their phones scrolling through social media and wasting precious hours doing nothing productive. Kids have also become addicted to cell phones as soon as  they take your phone then it becomes  difficult to snatch from them and this may ruin their career. When we keep our cell phone close to our ears the radio waves are passed on directly into our brains. Mobile phones have a huge impact on our overall health. Looking at the earlier times people were living simple, calm and peaceful lives. Though they were far away from these modern facilities, yet they were enjoying the beautiful life. Their lives were not distressed or the depression didn’t exist among the people. Their standard of living was not so high. The fatal diseases that we have today in our society were just unknown to the people living in those times. Today the cases of dementia, cancer, depression etc are quite increasing at an alarming rate due to the addiction of cell phones. We must be aware about the kids who are highly vulnerable to the bad effects of mobile phones as their bodies are still developing. The Younger generation whether in offices or at work are keeping earphones glued to their ears and raising volumes could be even more dangerous as they may gradually lose hearing ability gradually. So addiction can have numerous consequences.
Here are some harmful effects of cell phones:
– Poor Vision:
Excessive use of phones with naked eyes affects the eyesight and eye health. It can have an effect on their studies, and reading. Using cell phones day and night ruins eye health and eyes tend to get dry and sight blurred.
– Lack of Focus & Concentration
Using cell phones excessively  distracts the teen from their studies and sports as they want to spend more time with their phones than their books. They also lose concentration on academic performance.
– Anxiety
Watching video games and other irrelevant applications can cause headaches and migraines among the youth. Constantly using cell phones can develop anxiety and depression as well.
– Isolation
Sitting glued with cell phones can create isolation among the adults and adversely affect their mental health. Nowadays a lot of people, especially young people, don’t know who is passing by or what is going around them. It depicts the isolation among them.
– Poor Academic Performance
The addiction of cell phones leads to poor performance in academics. They became lethargic, lazy and disinterested in academics due to constant usage of phones.
– Accidents
The addiction of cell phones increases the possibility of accidents. People use phones while crossing roads, driving increases the accidents as well.
– Sleep Loss
The excessive usage of cell phones can also disturb sleep. The radiation of the cell phone can also disturb the natural pattern of sleep.
– Bad Posture
Watching and using the cell phone all day can develop bad postures among adults. It may also affect neckache, headache, backache etc which is a cause of concern.
– Cyberbullying
The Younger generation due to their lack of maturity fall into cybercrime and cyberbullying as well. Due to their addiction they suffer anxiety and depression. So we must teach them the pros and cons of excessive use of cell phones.
Lastly, we must create awareness among the young generation through schools and  colleges and set up hoarding and placards regarding the ill effects of cell phone addiction. The civil societies and senior respectable citizens must come forward to control it as it has  severely affected the morality and ethical atmosphere in both rural and urban areas.The young generation fall into the clutches of Jankie.

– The writer is a teacher by Profession teaches at BHS Diver Lolab, besides he has done Diploma in information Technology (DIT) through regional centre Rangreth Srinagar. He can be reached at farhaanqysar@gmail.com

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