Opinion | C-section – A new epidemic

Being a mother is never a simple errand; it accompanies numerous duties, endeavors, and gigantic prizes. C section birth requires a colossal measure of fearlessness and quality and just a lady and a mother can manage it in a gallant and outstanding way.

Too many women in India are having c section births. Caesarean births in India are skyrocketing and there is a reason to be worried and it’s everybody’s fault. C section are the most common major surgery performed on woman and it’s one that has increased by 500% in the last generation research say. C sections can be planned, unexpected or emergency surgery procedures. Until 2010 c sections were limited to 8.5% of all deliveries in the country just under the recommended level of 10-15% according to WHO report. Nearly one in three babies are now delivered surgically-up from one in 5 just one decade ago.

C section rates in Jammu and Kashmir are alarmingly high. Cesarean deliveries on maternal request (CDMR), more commonly called as a c section on demand. Women are increasingly subscribing to cesarean nowadays. Why so many women having c section, is it matter of convenience or are medical reasons driving the trend? Social pressure plays a huge role in a woman’s decision making process and the prevailing.
C section comes with a set of perks that cannot be ignored. Since the method of giving birth is, directly pertaining to a woman’s body it is necessary for them to understand what each can entail before they take that decision. C section mothers go through a lot. C section has short and long term side effects. With a scheduled caesarean babies are more likely to be born preterm, before the lungs have fully developed. Researches now show that baby’s brain, lungs and liver continues developing in the womb between 37 and 39 weeks. Late skin to skin contact, drugs used for anaesthesia including epidurals cross the placenta and can make it more difficult for babies to initiate Breastfeeding. C section may also inflict psychological distress on the mother beyond hormonal mood swings and postpartum depression. Not only that C section mothers have to deal with Pain, infection, infection in the wound, infection in the lining of the uterus, UTI, anaemia and other lot of problems. C section mothers are prone to post natal depression. Breastfeeding is more of a challenge to a c section mom than a mom who delivered naturally.
Sometimes a C section is needed to save the life of a mom or baby. In these cases C birth is without a question the safest option for mother and the baby. “Let’s make c section a life saver not a life style “.

(About Writer : Dr Shagufta Kazi is a Lamaze international Childbirth Counsellor. She works in Govt sector from last 15 years.)

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