On one side is BJP’s double-engine Govt, on the other Congress reverse gear Govt: Amit Shah

Vijayapura : Taking a jibe at the Congress party, Union Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday, said that while BharatiyaJanata Party’s government is a “double-engine” government, Congress is a “reverse-gear” government.

He asked the people not to give the charge of the state to such a government which in itself is a “hindrance” to development. While addressing a public rally in DevaraHippargi, Vijayapura, Amit Shah said, “On one hand there is PM Modi and CM BasavarajBommai’s ‘double-engine’ government and on the other hand, there’s Congress’ ‘reverse gear’ govt. They (Congress) drive in reverse gear”.

“Whatever, development the BJP government does, Congress with its ‘reverse gear’ brings the situation back to square one, wherever BJP Govt works,” he added.

He further hit out at Congress regarding the promise of restoring 4 per cent Muslim reservation in the state.

“We did a major change in reservation. They (Congress) started creating an uproar and said this is unfair. I want to ask, why should the reservation be given on the basis of religion? The Constitution doesn’t allow reservation on a religious basis, but Congress just for their vote bank gave 4 per cent reservation to Muslims. Now, the BJP government has scrapped it and given it instead to Lingayat, Vokkaligas and other communities,” the Home Minister said.

He added, “Congress says that if it comes to power, it will again give back the reservation to Muslims, and take it away from Lingayats, Vokkaligas, and SC/ST. But don’t worry, neither will Congress come to power nor will they be able to do so”.

The former BJP president said that the BJP banned the Popular Front of India (PFI) which used to carry out rampant violence in the state.

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