New Education Policy, J&K plans Switching Board Exams, Check here

New Education Policy! J&K plans Switching Board Exams, Check here

Srinagar: The J&K government plans to change the Board Examination Session to March to align with the national education calendar.

The move comes in the wake of the government’s decision to adopt the Department of Higher Education (HED) and the National Education Policy NEP-2020 from the current session of education, simultaneously.

New Education Policy,

In this regard, the high-level meeting was chaired by J&K General Secretary Dr Arun Kumar Mehta to review and discuss the implementation of the National Education Policy NEP-2020 at J&K.

At the meeting it was also decided that a four-year graduation program under the UGC guidelines would be presented at J&K colleges from the current course.

“The Principal Secretary for School Education (SED) who was also present at the meeting was asked to come up with ways to postpone the JK board exam session to March next year,” the official told Greater Kashmir.

“It is clear that the changes made to the UG education system should be integrated into the SED education calendar so that there is a complete planning of the education session from school to University level,” he said.

New Education Policy, J&K plans Switching Board Exams

The Secretary-General of the Department of School Education (SED), Bishwajit Kumar Singh, also confirmed that the J&K Board of School Education (BOSE) examination session would be postponed to March.

“The department has been asked to conduct tests in March in both Jammu and Kashmir counties. The tests will be held in February last month in the Jammu section and will be followed by tests by Kashmir students and Jammu winters,” Singh told Greater Kashmir.

“The tests will be done simultaneously,” he said.

He said the SED would await further government directives to implement the decision. “The government will issue further instructions as to which session will begin,” he said.

He said the department would continue to change the exams for Grade 10 to 12 students and the primary exams would be gradually changed, over time.

“Firstly the subjects for Grade 10 and 12 students will be transferred to March. The junior student exam calendar will also be in line with the national education calendar over time, ”said Singh.

Without changing the session of
By SED to March, the government is already preparing to implement NEP-2020 in Higher Education by introducing Fourth Graduate Program (FYUG) Graduation Colleges across J&K.

According to the Curriculum Adjustment Program and the FYUGP Credit Program, FYUGP graduates are required to demonstrate a common understanding of natural science, social sciences, humanities, multidisciplinary studies, and career education for all semesters.

New Education Policy, J&K plans Switching Board Exams

The FYUGP program authorizes the selection and completion of credits in Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Undergraduate Studies, and Vocational Education.

However, there have been significant challenges for the J&K Government to implement FYUGP in colleges that do not offer admission to all streams.

“With this the government is discussing a lot of things. One of the ideas being discussed is to integrate where a college with all the resources of FYUGP will be able to meet the needs of other colleges that do not use these facilities, ”said Dean Academic Affairs (DAA) of the University who attended the conference.

Discussions will continue on how to continue using FYUGP and how colleges will share resources,” he said.

He said Dean Academic Affairs of other J&K Universities would jointly formulate a policy implementation plan without holding tests that are in line with the national education calendar.

New Education Policy, J&K plans Switching Board Exams

“The department is also discussing the availability of e-learning resources and the use of available e-content where the J&K Secretary General has agreed to compensate if students are charged for e-content,” he said.

It is noteworthy that the government previously decided to use FYUGP in colleges in phases.

“But the government has decided to apply it to all colleges, saying colleges and universities should do two standardized tests if the FYUGP is started in stages that will be a problem for institutions and students,” the DAA said. (GK)

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