JKSSB SI Exam – JK Police Sub Inspector new update and Notification Released check here

JKSSB SI Exam – JK Police Sub Inspector new update and Notification

The OMR-Based Writing Examination for the Post of Sub-Inspector, (Police), Department of Home Affairs, UT Cadre advertised in Advertising No. 06 of 2021, Under Subject No. 668, dated 27thof March, 2022,


with one sitting / session from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM. In order to ensure the smooth conduct of the written examination, the following instructions are issued to the Presiding Officers and those wishing to stand for election: -www.jkssb.gov.in

  • Examination Material will be closed / closed in the presence of any representative of the J&K Services Selection Board, or the Observer appointed by the Regional Management and the required signatures can be obtained from the viewer concerned in the prescribed format.

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  • All Supervisors, including the Institutional Supervisor, must report to the testing area two and a half hours (2½) hours before the commencement of the examination.
  • Cell phones and other electronic gadgets will not be allowed to be taken inside testing centers.

JKSSB SI Exam – JK Police Sub Inspector new update

  • The Invigilators will check the student’s identity card and proof of identity before allowing them to enter the classroom or before distributing the OMR papers to the class. If the photo is not on the consent card, the candidate needs to attach the latest passport-size photo and carry four more photos to attach to the OMR attendance sheet. This should be confirmed by a valid candidate ID. No one should be allowed to write the tests without a consent card.
  • The distribution of OMR should be done from front to back only, in the column, and after the last Volume No. in the first column, the next OMR will be distributed from the first table in column 2 and again in the other two columns. .

JKSSB SI Exam – JK Police Sub Inspector new update

  • The Invigilators will make the following announcements in the classroom before learners begin to fill in the details of the OMR answer sheet: –
  • Scratching, overlaying, tags and multiple responses will be considered invalid tagging.
  • Use only the Blue or Black point pen to fill in the details on the OMR answer sheet. The use of pencil and gel-pen is not permitted.
  • Do not make unnecessary marks on the OMR Sheet.

JKSSB SI Exam – JK Police Sub Inspector new update

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  • Distribution of the Questionnaire should be done in accordance with the seating allocation matrix. (The booklets will be arranged in advance in series A, B, C and D). Place one Q.B in each seat even if the candidate is absent.
  • The Invigilators will make an announcement in their halls / rooms that candidates should check the Question Paper before attempting to answer any question to ensure that there is no question or page missing, blank page, damaged or damaged page in their questionnaire. When a candidate reports that he or she has a Question Paper, at any time during the entry test, it will be the responsibility of the Invigilator to replace the Questionnaire immediately with the corresponding Questionnaire from the Question Paper for the intended purpose.
  • Students are advised to arrive at the test premises within two and a half hours as otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the examination hall.
  • The tests are done on video-graph, with the monitoring staff announcing to the testing centers, both orally and in writing that the testers are supervised by CCTV.
  • The Invigilators must also make announcements regarding the remaining time for the examination at appropriate times.
  • The Superintendent of the Center will ensure that supervising staff remain vigilant, and do not always talk about disruptive inspectors and that they do not carry cellphones / devices / etc inside the auditorium.
  • Baptismal candidates will not be allowed to go to the bathroom during the test, except in an emergency, but not during the last 30 minutes of the examination.
  • No one will be allowed to leave the classroom before the end of the examination period, for whatever reason.
  • Invigilators must ensure that the candidates fill in all the relevant boxes and bubbles on the OMR Sheet with Roll Number, series, correct questionnaire number etc. before signing the OMR Sheet.
  • Invigilators must ensure that all learners in the class have marked their attendance at the student’s writing pages by writing their signature against their name. Invigilators will also ensure that the existing candidate’s bubble is black on the attendance sheet.
  • Invigilators will provide an existing and absent student account which must match the actual number of current and absent students.
  • OMR Bar Code (Response Sheet) and Volume No. Candidates may or may not be involved in marking the result of the candidate. Candidate performance depends entirely on their responses to the OMR in the form of appropriate bidding as stated in the guidelines.
  • The candidate should darken one bubble that corresponds only to the selected option, in response to each question. There will be a negative mark if the candidate blinks more than one bubble to respond.
  • Students will tickle the correct bubble (option) firmly according to the guide lines so that the candidate responses are well defined while OMR scanning and SSB are not responsible for problems due to incorrect recording of responses.
  • The applicant will not be allowed to carry any counters, cell phones, Bluetooth, papers, notes, notebooks, scanners, pagers, headphones, earplugs, laptops, pads, table pc and / or other computer / communication devices for testing. place. Nominees who are found to be using or possessing such unauthorized items, indulging in copying or copying or using improper methods are liable for temporary revocation and may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Candidates must refrain from receiving any form of inappropriate assistance.

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