JKPSC (Mains) MP Masoodi demands rescheduling Exams, Check he

Member of the Jammu and Kashmir National Congress in the Anantnag Parliament Hasnain Masoodi on Sunday called on the JKPSC to reschedule the JKAS mains exams, saying the commission’s notice had left candidates wanting to delay as the time should have been 30 days as usual.

Team member Masoodi marked the issue with both LG Advisor Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar, and JKPSC Chairman Brij Rai Sharma. www.jkpsc.nic.in

Masoodi told the two that those who wanted to appear in the Public Service Commission (PSC Mains) exams were in a state of arrest – 22 because the exam dates clashed with other test dates especially the UPSC interview on the other side. and on the other hand, the date sheet published by JKPSC did not leave gaps in front of the papers of your choice, which are common to all competition tests, including the UPSC.

JKPSC (Mains) MP Masoodi demands rescheduling Exams

“Most of those who want to take the exam have entered the exam phase of the various tests, which is a day off. “There is no way they can come back in such a short time. The Commission’s announcement has left them shocked and confused as they wait for more time to prepare,” he said.

JKPSC chairman and LG adviser

Urging the rescheduling of the mains exams, he urged the JKPSC chairman and LG adviser to be sympathetic to the challenges they face as a result of this publication, which spends Ramzan Holy Month for nine days. Navratra festivals and the next Ramnavmi festival. “Candidates should be fully prepared for these difficult tests. The announcement of the exams at this time clearly shows that the decision does not see much of what is being considered,” he said.

The Member of Parliament has received assurances that the administration will do everything in its power to ensure that the oppressed are not oppressed.

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