Incumbent CEO Kupwara – An Educationist, Innovative & Revolutionary Officer

Education is to be considered as the most important source for bringing revolution in the society. The destiny of a society depends upon its educational setup. Teachers are the most responsible citizens for making this sector bright and shining. The society which is being shaped in the classroom, needs more sensitive and most knowledgeable and responsible persons for carrying the job forward. The encouragement for the teachers through different mediums and modes makes them more inspirational and accountable. Encouragement at many occasions by the immediate boss and the head of the department makes an official more concerned about performing his duties.

Kupwara the crown of  Jammu and Kashmir, “where winds are cold and hearts are warm” being the northern frontier district is exquisitely beautiful with vibrant culture, diverse heritage, unique folklore and vast meadows located between Pir Panchal and shams bari mountain ranges, traversed by famous passes like Sadna Pass, Farkiyan Gali, and Nagmarg Pass which open into beautiful valleys of Karnah and keran areas.
In the said district Mr Abdul Hamid Fani Joined as Chief Education Officer in February 2020 was wholeheartedly welcomed by the teaching and non teaching  faculty of the district. During the interaction programme which was totally limited during those days because of winter and Covid-19, his vision regarding the strengthening of the education sector was fully seen. In March 2020 an Award ceremony was held  for all the innovative teachers of the country at IIT Delhi by Sri Aurobindo Society. He got an award of appreciation from the Hon’ble Union Minister of Agriculture Shri Narendra Singh Tomar. The officer during the Covid-19 looked for all the ways and means for  making the teaching learning process accessible to all the students. He was desperately looking for an alternative and called many Officers, and the teaching faculty  to look for some innovative techniques and methods so that we can reach the students. Before the introduction of zoom classes he made it clear that this is the challenging time for all of us and suggested note making, Teaching learning material, study material to be provided to the students at their doorsteps while taking due care of  health. At the same time he made a district level counselling team of 8 members who were talking with students and their parents on phone, guiding them, encouraging them and lowering the stress.
He visited almost every part of district Kupwara and was fully aware about the geographical, historical and cultural values of the area. Visiting almost every school of the district makes him more informative about the scenarios of the schools, The infrastructure, The play fields, the school areas, the problems faced by the officials, and the overall academic scenario. During his visits to schools he remains very serious and sensitive about academics, infrastructure and other co-curricular activities. During his visit to many of the schools and the inspection of different classes/ the interaction he made with the students and teachers he suggested for the basic level syllabus to be framed at zonal level for the primary classes despite the syllabus being taught. The basic levels were being checked in languages, science and Maths so that the students may know the basic/minimum levels of learning. Examinations for the same were held and results too were declared.
For the betterment of the education system different assignments are being shared by the department and the officer at the quick is taking zoom meetings with all principals and zonal education officers. Believes in Quick action, accuracy, and Top position in submitting the data. He believes in leading, not following. His style of work is 24*7. The concept of 10 to 04 is not being seen in his life. He is a mission based officer and contributes every minute for the department. For getting answers to any of the query he provides the information from very basics to the present day and is very great in correlation. His problem solving style is quite unique, unparalleled  and he is very clear by heart, very honest and never favours.
He has made the educational sector of the district very alive by his presence with innovative approaches and ultimate directions. Education is his priority, Academic excellence is his mission. Educational Upliftment of the different sections of the society is his dream, and attaining the top position in every aspect/assignment of education becomes a point of prestige for him. He guides like a true guide, he motivates with a positive approach and clear thought.
During the zimmedari (an innovation in the field of education) project launched by the district administration kupwara he added more to the project and visited majority of the schools by, before or after the school timing and remained in contact with all the HOI’s, teaching and non-teaching faculty. Guided and encouraged them  and shared his thoughts,  aesthetic tastes with them, for decorating their institutions. As a result there is complete change in the government schools of district Kupwara. The changing face of the schools, the academic excellence, the Herbal Gardens, parks, Kitchen Gardens, drainage system, drinking Water Facility,  smart Boards, Electricity, updated libraries and Laboratories  etc of district Kupwara are now the examples of educational excellence. As a result many of the public representatives wrote on the different social networking sites, “Fani sir while looking towards the beautification of schools the sixty year old man too wishes to take admission and be the part of school education now”. His vision for the school  education is purely based on the modern lines with a proper correlation and coordination of the different sections of society. He being the great motivator and revolutionary officer met an old man in Vilgam during  the covid-19 vaccination as he was the district nodal officer of the Covid vaccination programme and the said man had given challenge to prefer death rather than to get vaccinated, His motivation and importance of vaccine made him possible for the vaccination and the said man was leading from the front then and was motivating others for the same.
Updating the system of KGBV schools, Smart Tribal Schools, and keeping an eagle eye on the centrally sponsored schemes, Construction of different Hostels,  School Buildings etc and visiting every nook and corner of the district makes him an officer with difference. His contribution in the field of education, academic excellence, Training Programmes, Time based assignments, and getting top position in the assignments, as are being witnessed in the different assignments at divisional or state level are the examples of his great leadership quality.
The officer got many awards for his extraordinary work in the field of education like Shahbaz Award, Best Administrator award,  Officer of the Month and  Mohammad Abdullah Banday Award (city Father) from Tabinda Memorial society a well known educational Organisation in its annual conference PARVAAZ  2023 for his outstanding and contribution in the field of education.
– The writer is working as a teacher at Girls Model Higher Secondary School Handwara and can be reached at

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