Great Scheme, You will receive 15 Lakh Rupees for Daughters Wedding know how, Check here

Great program! You Will Find 15 Lakh Rupees For Daughters Wedding, Know Full Details Here Great Scheme
New Delhi: End of financial disputes The Mode Government at the Center runs all kinds of girls programs. Below that financial assistance is provided to daughters.

Central Government Great Scheme,

The Central Government is doing the same program for girls, Sukanya Samridhi Yojana. Under this scheme, the father of daughters will have to invest less than Rs 250 and you can invest up to Rs 150,000.

End of financial pressure This is a popular government program, with which you can create 15 lakhs for your daughter. Sukanya Samriddhi’s account matures for 21 years from the date of the opening of the account or at the time of the marriage (1 month before or 3 months after the date of marriage) when the daughter is 18 years old.

you can open this account by going to any bank. If you open this account at Punjab National Bank, you can get all the information by clicking on this official link Apart from this, you can also open this account via email.

What documents will be required

To open an account under Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, you will also need to bring your daughter’s birth certificate to the post office or bank along with the form. Apart from this, an identity document (PAN card, ration card, driver’s license, passport) for the child and parents and proof of residence (passport, budget card, electricity bill, telephone bill, water bill) will be sent.
In this way, let us tell you 15 lakhs

if you invest Rs 3000 per month in this scheme which is after investing Rs 36000 per year, after 14 years, you will get Rs 9,11,574 depending on the 7.6% annual aggregate. 21 years which means maturity, this amount will be Rs 15,22,221.

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