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Ever since Electronic and Social media unfolded itself to the world, the conventional print media has found its place on the back seat. The newspapers and magazines have been an important part of the media with people benefiting from them, since centuries, howbeit the charm along with the readership of physical newspapers has declined to a large extent, with Social media ruling the roost now. Another facet of this radical change is the changing reading habits of people. With the advent of technology, most things have gone virtual and reading is no exception to it. Instead of physical books, readers prefer reading books in e-form mainly, and the newspaper industry is facing the similar issue. Against this scenario, most of the newspapers have also shifted gears by switching to online mode also in the form of websites, Social media handles and e-papers. Nonetheless, the wide readership has declined comparatively owing to the dominance of other mediums. During the times, when there was no Social media, Newspapers were the “Torchbearers of the people’s voice” however, the lucrative budget associated with the electronic and Social media industry has hit the print industry to a greater extent. Despite all odds, the print media still holds a significant place in any country without the presence of which, the media is suboptimal and incomplete. Newspapers are considered more authentic sources of news, up-to this day given the fact that the Social media usually is inundated with fake and unverified news. The industry has always been known for its highest standards of journalism, and has successfully maintained the industry ethos and norms. There is a pressing need to stave off newspapers against all challenges to keep alive the centuries old most trusted form of news and information. A world without newspapers cannot be even dreamt of and we all must ensure that the industry never gets out of the business.

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