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In merely a span of a month or so, we have already seen busting of four immoral rackets in Jammu and Kashmir – with three in Valley and one in Jammu. Where the rampant discoveries of these rackets have shocked the denizens, it nonetheless at the same time has raised fingers over the very basic character and long cherished morals and principles of the people as incidents of such nature have been largely unheard in Kashmir. It however seems that we are slowly, yet steadily, falling in the trap and are shredding the very basic values of this ‘Pir Vaere’ with our own hands. Discoveries of such a kind, where all those involved are basically denizens, is indeed a bad omen for any society and such incidents have all the potential to bring disrepute and taint the whole society for many years to come. The Kashmir known for putting a brave face against all the odds and challenges at such a critical juncture needs to relive the legacy of one-man army Abdul Subhan Hajam – who took on the Dogra regime to do away with the practice of largely prevalent menace of prostitution that too at a time when even the clergy and popular leadership avoided to talk on the menace. Now that our Jammu and Kashmir Police have been on the forefront to take things head on, we shouldn’t be shying away from fulfilling our moral, ethical and religious duties and rather play our part to stamp out this menace from the cherished abode of revered Sufis and Saints.

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