Editorial | Shoulder Responsibility!

In a quite dynamic environment where things have been taking shape thick and fast affecting the minds of people and their outlook towards the world, the youth expectedly seem to be at the centre of the happenings. There literally is no department of life left untouched that hasn’t seen change over the period of time. With many a things quite beneficial, there still are many which have turned out detrimental to the people and such circumstances throw a challenge to the people especially to the parents, rather to say double down the responsibility the parents owe towards their children to ensure that their children if not completely kept aloof and apart from things are nonetheless least affected by the things as we have been witnessing an unprecedented surge in crime rate in many facets and off late the youths have seen an even role  in such unwarranted happenings. The parents have unfortunately shown their lackadaisical approach, as morally, ethically and religiously expected, towards their children which has left the youths off the hook. It needs not to mention that when a parent shows a careless approach towards his/her children, it is bound to have its repercussions, which we unfortunately have been witnessing on a day to day basis now. As responsible citizens and those who happen to be parents’, the situation demands that the responsibility is shouldered to play our part to make the lives of the youth better for themselves and in the larger run give responsible citizenry to the society.

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