Editorial | Need For Libraries

With the advancement of technological gadgets, we have almost all the knowledge available at our fingertips and whenever or wherever we need to access or know about the things we do so as per our convenience. In such times, the concept of libraries, though some may differ, is becoming sort of an obsolete thing as we see very less people visiting these knowledge stores – if at all we find any functional libraries anywhere in the Valley. The school libraries only have subject-oriented books that are too mostly outdated, which hampers the all round development of the students when they need it the most. A renowned Argentine short-story writer Jorge Luis Borges had once eloquently said, “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” It is these knowledge hubs that enable us to preserve our culture and heritage to pass on to our future generations. Whilst all this, the authorities seem to be in deep slumber as nothing is being done at public or even institution level to win back the commoners more importantly the students towards the hubs of actual and real knowledge. If this apathy continues, we may cheaply lose our next generation irrespective of whatever field they may belong to. So one would genuinely want to see that authorities concerned raise up to the occasion and do the needful.

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