Editorial | Entrepreneurship Development through Entrepreneurship dev institutes

Entrepreneurship acts as an impetus for economic prosperity of a nation. It has a great potential of creating huge employment opportunities, industrialization, rural development, technological development, and contribution to national income. In India, various initiatives have been taken at both Centre and States level in order to flourish the entrepreneurship development in the country. The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has established an organization in 1997, which is known as Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI). However, the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of Jammu and Kashmir has started functioning properly from 2004 and has created a wide network in the state. The major aim of this institute is to provide support and training to the people with a host of services of research and training for entrepreneurial skills, such as entrepreneurship development programmes, entrepreneurship orientation programmes, entrepreneurship awareness programmes, consultancy and information.

Government data shows that there are nearly 1,800 registered start-ups in Jammu & Kashmir though the union territory features among those with the lowest number of start-ups in the country.

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