Editorial | Drug addiction – A threat

Drug addiction is a hot topic in Jammu and Kashmir nowadays. Thousands of youth in Kashmir are slipping into the dark alleys of drug addiction as the valley has been flooded with a huge quantity of heroin usage. The Jammu and Kashmir administration had said as per a consumption survey there are at least 6 lakh residents affected by drug related issues in the region.

The main issue is the valley’s illegal drug sales and trafficking, which police and the public in general must address. According to some recent reports, a lot of opioids are being grown in Kashmir, making them more simply available for consumption, and other psychiatric medications are also simple to get your hands on. With the complete support and collaboration of the people, police can combat this threat more successfully. The need of an hour is that the pace should be curbed as soon as possible. In order to curb this problem the first and foremost step which Govt has taken and should be fostered fully is to take strict action against peddlers, opioid cultivators. Another important responsibility is of parents and teachers. Instead of scolding their wards who have become addicted to drugs, they have to deal with them with love and patience. They should try to increase the morale and confidence of drug addicts that they can shun this vice. Parents should also consult professional interventionists to help find the real cause of stress and ways to manage it.

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