Editorial | Cherish Your Children!

Dear all parents there, whoever Allah (swt) has blessed with children, take proper care of your wards. You have been given the huge responsibility as to their raising and well being. Give them the necessary understanding of Deen (Islam) and strive for their best upbringing. By taking care of your children, you are not only helping them to develop into a better personality, you are implicitly watering your ‘Sadaqah Jaariya’. Their rearing holds a promise of you earning great reward. At a time when you are gone, having left this world and resting in your grave, their prayer for you will be credited to your account. At a time when you will be desperately longing for a single, ‘Subhan Allah’ their invocation will ease your suffering and win you peace. The example of the child is like crystal clear water. Just like water doesn’t have a color of its own. Similarly a child doesn’t know anything about good, bad, hatred, grudge, respect, disgrace, loss, profit etc. It is incumbent upon the parents to make this clean water take the color of compassion, good-will, truth, justice, love, friendliness, respect, and above all the color of Islam.Pray to Almighty for their right guidance and they will pray for you when you need it the most. How amazing is this tree of children? How can anybody miss out on such an opportunity? But we fall short of giving them a respectable upbringing. Cherish this treasure and reap its benefits in this world as well as in the life to come, In Shaa Allah.

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