Covid booster dose for all Adults from Sunday: says Govt

New Delhi: The Union Department of Health on Friday announced that a Covid monitoring dose, also known as a booster dose, will be available to 18+ people from April 10, at private immunization centers. “It has been determined that the monitoring volume of COVID vaccines will be available to a group of 18+ people at private immunization centers.

Monitoring Capacity Management for 18+ Persons through Private Vaccination Centers will commence from 10 April (Sunday), 2022. All those over the age of 18 and who have completed 9 months after the second dose administration, will be eligible for Precaution Dose.

This center will be available at all Independent Immunization Centers, ”said a statement issued by the Center Covid booster dose.

The decision to open a third volume for all comes at a time when China is seeing a new increase in disease, even though the state of the Indian epidemic is under control.

Ongoing immunization program with public immunization centers for first, second and dose monitoring for health care workers, senior staff and the number of people over the age of 60 will continue and speed will accelerate, the Department of Health said.

The Covid vaccination program, which began in January 2021, has been expanded to include a number of programs, including youth. Now all adults are eligible to receive the third dose of vaccine, at an amazing level of the Indian vaccination program.

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