Congress called Ambedkar ‘dagaabaaz’, PM retorts to ‘poisonous snake’

“A list of abuses has been made and they have humiliated me 91 times,” he stated.

Addressing a huge gathering at Humnabad in Bidar district, the Prime Minister launched a scathing attack on the Congress. Instead of wasting their time on a dictionary of abuses, had they utilised their time on good governance and welfare of party workers, the party would not have reached this “pathetic” state.

“Congress has abused the architect of the Indian Constitution and also dared to brand Lingayat brothers and sisters as ‘chor’ (thieves),” PM Modi asserted.

Prime Minister Modi stated that the top Congress leaders have always bad-mouthed great personalities. “You will be shocked to know about it. Babasaheb Ambedkar explained everything in detail at a public meeting. The Congress has called him “raakshas” (demon), “rashtra drohi (traitor to nation), ‘dagabaaz’ (cheater),” PM Modi stated.

Throughout, Congress had abused Ambedkar and humiliated him time and again. Whoever is poor and working for the nation will be insulted by the Congress. “In the last elections, first they said ‘chowkidar chor hai’, later they said ‘Modi chor hai’, and afterwards they said ‘OBC chor hai’. During Karnataka elections they are calling Lingayat brothers and sisters as chor (thieves),” he alleged.

“Whoever you have humiliated have given befitting answers and Congress was nowhere to be seen. Great personalities are victims of the Congress. They targetted Ambedkar, Veer Savarkar and by targeting me, they have brought me in their league. You (Congress) be busy with hurling abuses, I will focus on serving people,” PM Modi stated.

He made a pledge to depute the whole of New Delhi for Karnataka’s welfare and make it a number one state in the country. “I want a majority government here. I repeat the full majority. A double engine government is needed for development, infrastructure, and FDI. Karnataka should not become the Congress’ ATM but emerge as the country’s growth engine,” he underlined.

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