Changes in Pharmacy Licenses, Pharmacists Unable to Renew Licenses Check Details here

Jammu & Kashmir, pharmacists have been under a cloud of uncertainty about the validity of their drug licenses and the process of renewing licenses. In addition, many students choose pharma courses so that they can work in the pharma field or start their own commercial outlet Changes in Pharmacy Licenses.

What is the new licensing website?

We have had an online site before too, designed by NIC Gujarat. We have been working satisfactorily but the Central Drug Administration has launched a new website nationwide to make the licensing process smooth and transparent.

Check the Official website

Check here

The licensing of online drugs was started in pan-India and we joined an organization, which was aimed at developing the industry and making it safer and more corrupt. The previous site had some limitations and the new one is growing. We welcomed the new site in November 2021 and covers all activities in the field.

Were we able to compile the details of the drug licensees in the new portal?

We do not need to transfer old records to a new portal. Only those with an expired or expired license need to join the program. This is the expected process, old records are kept.

What is the process of renewing a license?

The process is very simple. The person, whose license must be renewed, must pay the last deposit at the nearest bank or with his or her bank card. They do not have to come to the office, but deposit money into our account. Receipt of receipt of document confirming his license for the next five years; it is a guarantee to the end user that his or her license is complete, and valid. We also review our records in a bank statement.

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As an additional warning they can inform the local drug control officer that the money has been deposited so that they too can prepare their records. There is no better step.

The drug license renewal fee is Rs 3000 and is valid for five years. After five years, they have to invest again, forever. No financial year, no calendar year.

Have the rules changed regarding licensing?

According to the General Act, Pharmacy Act 1948, a degree in pharmacy has been prescribed. Qualifications are highlighted by our department and in the public notice.

Only a person with B Pharma, D Pharma, M Pharma and post doctorate at the pharmacy is eligible for a drug license. Previously it was not but from now on, these are the rules.

In addition, a single drug license holder can operate in only one location. The license is given to the person and the place. It cannot be that one person works in two places.

What is your word of advice to students interested in pharma science.

Many institutions come from all over India, many of which may not be affiliated with the Pharmacy Council of India, a top body. If a student graduates from a non-council institution, he or she may have a problem Changes in Pharmacy Licenses.

We will not consider registration as we refer to the list of institutions under the Council’s website. If the institution they studied at is not listed, they will not be able to register.

I advise students to check out institutional pieces. In addition, a person who is going to study for a diploma or degree in pharma science should have a science level of 10 + 2. Do not waste time and money on unrelated institutions.

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