Centre to provide 1.5 lakh Doordarshan Dish tv services in Jammu & Kashmir, Check here

New Delhi: Central government has decided to provide free Doordarshan Dish TV services to residents living in the remote areas of Jammu and Kashmir, Information and Broadcasting Secretary Apurva Chandra announced during his recent visit to the Union Territory Centre to provide Dish tv.


“In order to achieve the goal of reaching people living in remote areas through the DD Free Dish platform, the union secretary said the government had proposed to distribute 1.5 lakh free Dish TVs in areas where cable was not available. a media report from the I&B department.

Chandra emphasized the importance of ‘free services’ to the community, and commended Doordarshan Kendra in Srinagar for carrying out its responsibilities successfully despite “many challenges in the past”. He added that Kendra represents “local culture and traditions through its programs, to reach people with factual information”.

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After consulting with people who use DD’s free TV services in Kangan, the Department said it was “grateful to the government for providing a free service, essential for the development and development of regional languages, and for providing news and entertainment on a wide variety of channels.”

Chandra was accompanied by All India Radio general news director NV Reddy, Doordarshan general director Mayank Agarwal, PIB director general (Srinagar) Rajinder Chaudhry, and other government officials Centre to provide Dish tv.

Doordarshan’s Free Dish TV is the only free home-to-air (DTH) service owned and operated by Prasar Bharati. The service does not have a subscription fee and requires only a one-time investment of Rs.2,000 to purchase a set-top-box and a small utensil container.

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