Book Review : “The Silent Voices” – A Chapbook of Poetry 

his late grandfather, Haji Habibullah Kumar Shab.
In the preface, the author writes that poetry has the power to enlighten and enliven the dead hearts into enthusiastic and zealous ones which is truly experienced by me being especially a children’s Poet. He also writes that poetry has a power to heal the wounded humanity and in loneliness poetry is the nicest friend as it teaches us to think logically. Such is felt by the ones having the taste for poetry. Going through his poetry , has Surprisingly and unexpectedly different taste which the poetry lovers will yearn to have repeatedly. And it’s the world where one can behold and meet inspiring personages and entities and can experience beautiful abstract things .Different sorts of imagery have been used like ;visual, auditory , tactile , olfactory and gustatory, meaning no sense of a reader is left untouched. Being myself an enthusiastic children’s poet , I found his poetry worth repeating and inspiring as each of his poems broadened my vision to pen down more about what he has penned down .His poems are Captivatingly crafted using appropriate diction, with no randomness in the sequence of ideas that usually makes the writing less beautiful and more complicated to read and grasp and enjoy. He has worn his ideas, imagination, beautiful raiment of words which reflects his unique knack of versification of ideas, imaginations and emotions.
The opening poem ‘CHINAR ‘ in his book on page no.15 is beautifully crafted with description of its religious significance, medicinal value and beautifying features for its surroundings. On page 17 , there is also a beautifully crafted poem titled as”AUTUMN”;
The dancing fall of dry withered leaves
Golden floor under the chinar trees
Harvesting of paddy in the fields
Picking of apples and other fruits

This poem reflects the unique beauty of autumn and busyness of people in the fields and orchards as of its harvest season .The poem draws beautiful pictures of the hustle bustle of people in this season. On page 21 , there’s a poem titled ‘ PREDICAMENT ‘ which means a difficult or unpleasant situation or experience.
How long shall I remain in confinement?
An accidental fall in the washroom.
In this poem the poet painfully reminds us of his painful experience which he’d experienced before 30’s and which had confined his freedom and liberty as he had been unable to move on his limbs.
This poem truly pains its readers and reminds them of their own such an experience and or arouses in them the feeling of pettiness for the poet .
0n page no 25. The poem “BARN SWALLOW” Is one of the beautiful poems , describing this beautiful bird, “Barn Swallow “ and the myths related to it
in the poet’s vale .This bird also symbolises the coming of spring.
Birds having a unique nature
Multi -colour body soothing to the eyes.
In my vale, many myths are attached to it .
On page 32 The poem “CHILLIAH KALAN”, the coldest or most freezing time of winter season is beautifully described with strong poetic diction. Not only its harsh nature but its unique beauty has also been displayed by the poet.
On page 36 the poem “ MOTHER’S PAIN “ brings tears in the reader’s eyes as this poem painfully describes some mother’s painful wounds caused by the demise of her mainstay (son). Mother endures pains while nourishing her progeny but can’t endure their loss. The poem on page no .46 is “Spring” Its beautifying and life infusing quality to the dead Earth has been
beautifully versified. On page no.47 the poem “ WOMAN” describes the beauty of a woman , the finest creation of Almighty Allah, revealed through her affection, humbleness and endurance.

Lastly, I realised that the poems composed by Mr Rayees Ahmad Kumar, have the power to affect poetry lovers deeply. His consistency in writing with the same pace as he has, will once make him the most renowned and the most read author in the field of literature. I wish him more power to write not only for recreational purposes but for a positive change in society.

– The writer, a Poet, reviewer and private ELT teacher, is a resident from Handwara District Kupwara. He can be reached at

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