ADDC reviews progress of Languishing Projects at Bandipora

BANDIPORA : The Additional District Development Commissioner (ADDC) Bandipora, Ali Afsar Khan today chaired a meeting to discuss and review the progress of various languishing projects in the district.

The meeting was attended by key stakeholders involved in the execution and completion of these projects.

The ADDC on the occasion emphasized the importance of timely completion of languishing projects to ensure sustained development and improved living conditions for the residents of the district.

Meeting reviewed the status of projects, and also discussed obstacles if any or delays to devise effective strategies to overcome the same.

During the meeting, a comprehensive review was conducted to evaluate the progress made on each languishing project.

The ADDC and the attending officials scrutinized the timelines, resource allocations and implementation strategies to ensure that the projects are on track and aligned with the set objectives. They also assessed the utilization of funds and resources allocated for these projects, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability.

The ADDC expressed his satisfaction over the progress made in some of the projects and commended the dedicated efforts of the concerned departments and agencies. He highlighted the positive impact these projects will have on the socio-economic development of the district, providing better infrastructure, improved healthcare facilities, enhanced educational institutions, and strengthened connectivity.

While concluding the meeting, the ADDC reiterated the commitment of the district administration to expedite the completion of languishing projects within the set timelines. He urged all the concerned to work collectively, with a renewed focus and determination, to overcome any obstacles encountered during the execution of these projects.

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